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Specialities of the house

Café Seerose

Café Seerose is our charming hotel café in Lindau. We pamper our guests every afternoon with our home-made cakes and gateaux, as well as a mouth-watering bistro menu.

Take a seat in our breakfast room or in the peaceful garden in warm, sunny weather. Simone Kieble bakes the cakes herself, and is on hand to fulfil her guests’ every need.

The café can also be rented as a party location, including beverages and a TV. We’re also happy to bake large cakes for special occasions, such as a big birthday.

Anyone planning on celebrating their wedding with us can also order their wedding cake!

Please order cakes and gateaux by telephone on: +49 8382 24120

Opening hours

The café and bistro are open daily from 1.00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Café & bistro

We serve delicious snacks and sweet delicacies at our café, perfect for a treat between meals or to keep you going till dinner time. As a trained confectioner, hotel manager Simone Kieble has a knack for creating exquisite cakes and pastries. She sets great store by high-quality ingredients and authentic, hand-crafted products, and you can really taste the difference.

Our home-made specialities

Enjoy our specialities at the café or in another place of your choosing. You can also order our cakes and gateaux and pick them up on an agreed date.


Home-made vinegar from Lake Constance

Give your salad that extra special kick!
Our flavours:
Apple, kiwi, mango, walnut and raspberry & basil

Fruity jams

Our flavours:
Strawberry, cherry, raspberry, plum, blueberry, persimmon & cherry, cherry & banana, plus jellies flavoured with citrus, strawberry & orange, pear & mango, apple & blackcurrant and pineapple & coconut


Tasty chutney

Our flavours:
Dried fruit, apple & pepper, grape & onion and pumpkin

Chocolate temptations

All our chocolate products are made using Swiss chocolate.

We offer a wide selection of fine pralines, filled chocolate shells in a variety of flavours, exquisite chocolate bars and individually crafted chocolate figures.